The routine of war or how i was catching a bus to cherkasy.


 I awaken. It’s 7:30 a. M. I had a nightmare. Serhiy and i were hiding from Russian drones in an old abandoned building. The drones had been targeting us, particularly. We survived. It turned into frightening. The nightmare is over-imposed on reality. They collide. They make up the habitual of battle. An air raid alert has been on when you consider that 6 a. M. Abnormal, but nothing new. I should catch a bus to cherkasy at 10 a. M. I’m going there to use for a residency allow. I want to eat and p. C. Stuff. I nevertheless have masses of time. I play xenoblade chronicles three on nintendo switch. I’m more than midway thru the game. It’s a piece of a habitual, too. More recurring, and much less interesting. Our fridge isn’t pretty a restaurant. All we have for these days is tofu, potatoes, carrots and iceberg lettuce. I’ll have that. It become edible. I’m satiated. It’s eight:15 am. It’s time to make coffee to tackle a journey to cherkasy. I take a ceramic cone. I take a filter out bag. I take… bang bang you shot me down. What? What’s befell? Serhiy yells something ineligible from the bedroom. I’ve just heard very loud bangs. We have a construction website online close by our residence. Did something take place there? I take three spoonfuls of espresso and upload them to the clear out bag. I pour hot water. I go away it to drip all of the way down in the cup. So what become that? Serhiy reads something approximately explosions within the centre of kyiv. Those bangs had been so loud. It felt near. We stay now not far far from the city centre. Ok, i need to move. I’m going to pop into a supermarket where rich human beings purchase their produce. I'm going there because it’s close, i need water and that they have tasty chickpea chips. I’m on my manner there. I study the news. It’s real. Russian rockets fell proper inside the Centre of the Ukrainian capital. There’s taras shevchenko country wide college of kyiv. It’s purple. Is there any blood now? Can you see blood on crimson? There’s a park. It’s beautiful there. Tranquil. Busy with people, typically. What do i sense? Uneasy. Shocked. Used to? I pay. I go away the shop. I look forward to the taxi. I get to the metro “kharkivska”. My bus hasn’t arrived but. The entirety is closed. I want to pee so awful. I’m searching out an area to do my business. Bang bang you shot me down. Again? I see two huge explosions proper in front of me. Smoke. Smoke. Quite clouds of smoke cross up. I nevertheless want to pee. I discover an remoted nook. I pee. I sense like a dog. Primitive nature. I take a photo of the smoke. I make a video of the smoke. A few humans around me smoke cigarettes. I ship my tiny documentaries to people. I disguise underneath a bridge. That is quite mad — look ahead to the bus or go to the metro station to cover? Are they going to strike me right right here? This bridge for the Crimean one? Are those Russian drones targeting me, especially? I’m afraid i’ll pass over my bus. I’ll live. It’s either i die or i trap a bus and go to Cherkasy. Do you realize what’s pretty disgusting? The ordinary of battle makes you excited for the times like this one. Not always in a glad way. You feel absurdly excited that some thing is happening. In any other case, it’s simply depressing, simply hopeless maximum of the time. These days people will read approximately Ukraine again. These days humans in different countries will be reminded that people in Ukraine still live inside the habitual of battle. The next day we’ll be dwelling in that ordinary once more. But perhaps the day after some thing will appear once more? Maybe the day after the next day Russia will finally fall into the infernal abyss of its personal making, irretrievably. Eventually. Here’s my bus to Cherkasy. Bye.


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